Because value lasts

Exclusive portfolios, fine wallets and luxurious leather accessories: Exquisite cowhide leather is carefully crafted in our factory to the very highest standards. Here the traditional craftsmanship of the fine leather bag-maker is combined with the timeless yet surprising design lines of Dorsch by Wedo. Experienced and traditional leather connoisseurs transform the precious natural material into elegant, durable companions stitch by stitch.


Quality born of tradition

We manufacture all our creations at the traditional Kirn location, where value, creation and appreciation are equally important. Since the 18th century, Kirn has been one of the largest European centers of the leather industry and today it marks the birthplace of Dorsch by Wedo's exclusive leather collections.

Made in Germany,
Made in Kirn

“Made in Germany” means it is designed with painstaking care and dedication, and it is manufactured with great precision and expertise from the very finest materials.  You can esily notice whether a leather article merely bears the label "Made in Germany" or whether it breathes true craftsmanship and tradition. Many important small leather goods manufacturers have their headquarters in Kirn. For more than 45 years, our Kirn factory has also been working with passion in the great tradition of leather production.


Committed to good taste

The unique style of Werner Dorsch and his claim to create extraordinary things can be sensed and experienced in every product of the beautifully designed Dorsch by Wedo collections. What began 85 years ago with the manufacture of high-quality nibs for fountain pens has grown into a company with a rich tradition in which every single product to this day tells of the conviction and responsibility of its founder, whilst keeping its promise of quality.


Simple and simply unique

Leather valued by attentiveness lives. It smells pleasantly earthy, radiates strength and value in its structure and feels soft and firm at the same time. Experience the unmistakable
Naturalness of our leather goods collection, which plays with the special features of the material, can do without frills and underlines your personal style with clear design.

Long-lasting joy

Careful material selection and meticulous workmanship guarantee lasting enjoyment of your handmade leather articles. With these care tips Dorsch by WEDO would like to offer you a good start to a long-lasting friendship with your new leather companion.

  1. If your leather product shows signs of dryness, apply a good quality leather grease. Consult a specialist when selecting a care product, and first test it by applying to an unseen part of the leather good.
  2. If your leather item should become dirty, we recommend that you use a damp microfibre cloth to gently clean it. To prevent surface damage or loss of colour, avoid rubbing the leather vigorously.
  3. If the leather is affected by wet or damp, allow it to air dry slowly and then apply leather grease. Do not leave goods to dry near or on heating units.


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